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Glory Covering LLC 

We Care About Your Hair


Advocating Natural Hair Care

A lot of girls/women use harsh chemicals in their hair regimen. Unfortunately, a lot of products out there contain mineral oils, sulfates, that damage your hair and skin. With Glory Covering, you can be assured that every item you purchase is made from healthy, natural sources.

We seek to share the purest and warmest joy, happiness, trust, and gratitude to each and every person who experience our products. Every item is crafted by hand and heart. Our promise is to source ingredients with integrity and mix them with a touch of love.

Our company passionately supports the use of natural hair products, and our mission is to spread this advocacy, one girl/woman at a time. 

(Credit Image: Sarah Hedden Photography)



Master Herbalist and CEO/Founder of Glory Covering LLC, Veronica Jennings, made a personal decision to stop using hair products and styles that constantly damaged her hair. She started completely from scratch, cutting off her hair in order to rid her follicles of all toxic substances. After that, she started looking for chemical-free products that stimulate hair growth.

Despite months of searching, Veronica could not find any legitimately natural products. She spent months performing research on pure-natural items, inspiring her to source natural ingredients and create her own products. Eventually, Veronica took it to the next level and officially established Glory Covering LLC.  

Our products are all-natural, no synthetic chemicals, artificial fragrances, chemical preservatives or any other toxins.

Glory Covering’s recent magazine feature, “CanvasRebel”. (September 12, 2022)

(Image Credits: Sarah Hedden Photography)

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